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The toughest 24 hours of John Calia’s life unfolded off the coast of Maine in the middle of a winter storm. A Naval Academy graduate, Calia served in the US Navy for five years in the 1970’s. On this particular trip, Calia’s squadron set off into the Atlantic Ocean to test the durability of minesweeping equipment in the intense cold.

One night as his ship navigated the frigid waters, a nor’easter stirred up 25-foot waves.

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"Never shy away from a challenge. You can't ask for anything better than an opportunity to fail. "

Big Al

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The financial crisis leaves Jack Fleming unemployed with no prospects. Then he receives a phone call that changes his life. He learns that he is the illegitimate son of a bombastic billionaire who has drowned after falling off his yacht in the Mediterranean. Now the CEO of a global empire, he is challenged by his board, the media and his management team. He fails as often as he succeeds. He sometimes gives in to his worst instincts but ultimately learns that one can succeed in business without losing your soul.


Big Al is a mentor…Big Al is wise… Big Al is every great leader I’ve ever known rolled into one guy. Big Al is a go-to guy… the guy who can keep your secret, the guy who can deliver the news – good or bad. In the book, Big Al gives us pause… to reflect, to articulate and to gather our strength for the next challenge. If you’ve ever needed or wanted a mentor, Big Al is that guy.

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"Most people only think they know what they want. It's only when they have to struggle - really struggle - that they find the truth. If you want something, you'll pay any price to get it. "

Big Al

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"If you need to make a big change, make sure you do something physical and visible. People don't believe what you say. They believe what you do. "

Big Al

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